Most Popular Christmas Craft Ideas

Most Popular Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas is the time of year for crafts, Whether you're creating elaborate ornaments, delightful decorations, Christmas stockings, gingerbread houses or men, or just simple—and not so simple—paper snowflakes, you are not alone. Many folks break out the crafting supplies for the holidays. So, here at Best Christmas Ideas, we've done our research, and the most popular Christmas craft ideas for are…


Paper Christmas Ornament Craft Time
Being a designer, I have occasionally thought that one of the most overlooked materials is paper. People just do not realize how many marvelous applications paper has. Also, they don't usually consider the myriad uses that they already apply it to. This is particularly true during the holiday season. With paper Christmas ornaments, holiday greeting cards and Christmas stationary, much of the holiday season relies on paper, yet it usually ends up as an afterthought.

Christmas Ornament Craft Idea - 2D Snowflake
Are you looking for an easy to do Christmas ornament craft idea? Good. Here it is. Paper craft. It's the fun and friendly way to entertain kids—of all ages—during the holidays.

Crafting A Personalized Christmas Stocking
Creating a personalized Christmas stocking is a time honored tradition that brings everyone together for some fun family time. And, it's easier than you might think to choose themes, color schemes and fabrics that you and your loved ones will want to use for the design.

Create a Beautiful Bucilla Christmas Stocking
Perhaps the most precious present you can give to a family member is one that you made by yourself. A fun way to achieve this, is to create a beautiful Bucilla Christmas stocking—it's sure to be a cherished keepsake for years to come. This hand crafted Christmas stocking can be made from a wide choice of patterns and designs supplied by the Bucilla Company.

Crafting Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments and Decorations
Popular and fun crafts you can do with your kids are the traditional gingerbread Christmas ornaments and decorations. By baking the hard German-type recipe, you can create the witch's gingerbread house, as in Hansel and Gretel. Or, if you're less ambitious, some simple gingerbread men.