Christmas Snowflake Craft Image

Paper Christmas Ornament Craft Time

Being a designer, I have occasionally thought that one of the most overlooked materials is paper. People just do not realize how many marvelous applications paper has. Also, they don´t usually consider the myriad uses that they already apply it to. This is particularly true during the holiday season. With paper Christmas ornaments, holiday greeting cards and Christmas stationary, much of the holiday season relies on paper, yet it usually ends up as an afterthought.


Some folks carry on about their blown glass Christmas ornaments kept in their family—passed down for generations as heirlooms—yet not many will even consider all of the wonderfully decorative items that they can make with simple paper. But I´m willing to wager that, once you start on your first paper Christmas ornament, you will not want to stop. There is nothing much easier and more fun for the family, than crafting a paper Christmas ornament to display on your tree or elsewhere.

You can, however, always purchase a pre-made paper Christmas ornament in stores or online, but this really defeats the purpose. The benefit of paper Christmas ornaments is that they make a wonderful craft project for the entire family during the holiday vacation.

The holiday season can be stressful with a lot of running around, and such. So, it´s great to take the time and slow down once in a while and do some arts and crafts together. Like the cranberry necklaces that are made for Thanksgiving to feed the birds, you can have a paper Christmas ornament day to provide a time before Christmas for the whole family to get together and make your home a festive place.

Of course, you can decorate your tree(s) with a paper Christmas ornament or two, but there are many other things that you can do, as well. You can create a paper Christmas banner that says “Happy Holidays” to hang in the front of the house, also, you can make chains of colored paper or white snowflakes to hang from the ceiling. In fact, just about anything that you can imagine as a Christmas decoration can be made with paper.

The only limiting factor to what you can do with paper decorations is your imagination. Time to start imagining. You´ll be glad that you did, because every paper Christmas ornament or other decoration that you make helps to create a loving, home-made look to your house.

To get started, view the picture of my finished paper Christmas ornament at the top left, then watch the video below to see how I did it.