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Christmas Stocking Ideas

Personalized Christmas Stocking Ideas

In my household we have, invariably, been avid practitioners of do-it-yourself—craft. Whether it's wood-working, knitting, or otherwise producing items from raw materials or kits, we like to create. For Christmas, we create gifts, hand make Xmas cards, craft ornaments and bake cookies. But the treasure of this time is our family's personalized stockings. The following are some personalized Christmas stocking ideas for the readers of Best Christmas Ideas…

The Homemade Christmas Stocking Idea

  1. Assign each family member—or have a drawing for—a recipient; this way everyone creates a stocking for one family member.
  2. Each person creates a stocking pattern and collects the required materials
  3. Cut out, sew, decorate and personalize a stocking for your recipient
  4. Sneak down sometime before Christmas and hang up the stocking
  5. Acquire goodies that the recipient might like
  6. Place the goodies in his or her stocking before Christmas morning

For more on creating stockings, see Crafting A Personalized Christmas Stocking.

The Kit Christmas Stocking Idea

If you'd prefer to work from a kit to craft your stocking, try Bucilla's Christmas felt stocking kits. They're available in many styles, appropriate for women, men, boys and girls. These kits include: stamped felt, embroidery floss, sequins, beads, needles, and instructions :)

For more on Bucilla stocking kits, see Create a Beautiful Bucilla Christmas Stocking.

The Store-Bought Christmas Stocking Idea

While it can be great fun to craft your own stockings, some folks just don't have the time or inclination to do so. Not to worry; pre-made stockings are plentiful and can be purchased with monograms for all of your family members. Personal Creations is one such place, where you can find custom-made Personalized Christmas Stockings.

However you obtain your Christmas stockings, there's much joy Christmas morning when everyone sees their own stocking, stuffed with goodies. Altogether, this pleasurable personalized Christmas stocking tradition adds to this jubilant time of year.

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