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A personalized Christmas gift, stocking or ornament can be a thoughtful way to convey your feelings about friends and family this holiday. With these personal presents you'll be creating memories that last for years to come.

Here are some ideas for that personal touch this Christmas:

A Handmade Christmas Ornament Idea

Christmas is the most popular and brightest time of the year. Decorations twinkle and sparkle almost everywhere you look. Houses light up at night with outside lights reflecting off of the snow and Christmas trees decorated with ornaments can be clearly seen in front windows. It's a wonderful time of year.

I've always had trouble finding the right presents for everyone on my list. I work in a small office and like to give my coworkers something small. I cannot afford to get everyone on my list what they may be dreaming of for Christmas, but I try to give something memorable.

Last year, I decided I wanted to be creative and make something special for some on my gift list. In a craft magazine, I came across a picture of a beautiful Christmas ornament that I thought I might be able to make. At the very least, I could make a Christmas ornament that would be unique to each individual.

Christmas Ornament Supplies

The supplies were relatively inexpensive. I went to a local arts & crafts store and bought some paints and brushes. I chose plain white and silver Christmas balls. I also bought some colored glitter that I might find use for.

Getting ideas for unique Christmas ornament designs for everyone was the most difficult part. So I chose something generic for the people that I didn't know very well. But the thing was, once I began, the ideas just started flowing.

The first Christmas ornament design that I did was an attempt at making snowflakes. It didn't turn out the way I had expected, but came out looking very modern and creative. I was pleased. Though it looked different from what I had planned, I loved it. I proceeded to make several more Christmas ornaments.

More Christmas Ornaments

A coworker friend had gotten married recently, so I decided that would be a good design theme for her Christmas ornament. I painted the current year and two interlocking hearts on it. I even managed to apply some glitter to the hearts. It turned out magnificently.

For another coworker, who recently had a baby boy, I put the year and her son's name on her Christmas ornament. I attempted to draw a little rattle, but when it did not turn out well, I altered it to be something more or less artsy. It came out great. I crafted a Christmas ornament for each of my family members as well. I could not wait to give them to everyone.

I gave the above mentioned Christmas ornaments to my coworkers a week before Christmas. That way, they could enjoy them—put them on their tree—before the holiday. Each one of them absolutely loved their special Christmas ornament and the fact that it was handmade by a friend…me. My family members reacted the same way. Since I'd personalized each one, every person had a Christmas ornament that was unique and just for them. My Christmas gift idea had been a huge success.

Merry Christmas!

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